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The Best Boba Shop in Glen Waverley

As the Australian summer sets Glen Waverley aglow, there's no better way to combat the heat than with a refreshing bubble tea in hand. This Taiwanese delight has made waves worldwide, and our lovely Glen Waverley is no exception. With an array of flavours, toppings, and textures, bubble tea is a summer staple. Find your favourite boba shop!

One of the pioneers in the bubble tea movement, Share Tea’s reputation has grown steadily over the years, and for good reason. Balancing traditional tea flavours with modern twists! From classic milk teas to their unique fruit-infused brews, there's a cup for everyone.

Stepping into Machi Machi is like entering an Instagram dream – minimalist, elegant, and oh-so-photogenic. But it's not just about aesthetics. Their drinks are refreshing, delicious and unique. Whether you opt for a creamy cheese tea or their signature series, every sip is what you need in this warm weather.

True to its name, Happy Cup ensures a smile with every drink. Their diverse menu, encompassing everything from rich browns to refreshing fruity concoctions, aims to cater to every mood and preference. And let’s not forget their chewy pearls – a perfect accompaniment to their quenching beverages.

Priding themselves on using fresh, high-quality ingredients, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice brings a burst of nature to every cup. Their emphasis on fresh fruit and juices sets them apart, ensuring a refreshing and natural taste profile.

As summer days grow longer and the need for refreshing sips becomes paramount, these boba shops stand as beacons of respite, flavour, and joy. So, next time the sun's rays feel a tad too intense, just remember – a world of icy, bubbly delights awaits in the heart of Glen Waverley.

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