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First Date Hotspots on Kingsway

First dates. The mere mention of them can send butterflies fluttering in our stomachs. The anticipation, the excitement, and yes, a bit of the jitters. There's a lot to think about — what to wear, what to say, and most importantly, where to go. Don’t worry, we have got the “where” part covered!

Venturing beyond traditional plates, The Black Toro offers a contemporary twist to Hispanic dishes. The chic yet relaxed ambience makes it a perfect spot to share a few plates, allowing both conversation and culinary delights to flow.

Who doesn’t love a good Thai food? D'elephant is here to serve all the aromatic dishes that transport you straight to the streets of Bangkok.

Get yourself a table at the best Sri Lankan restaurant in Glen Waverley. Here to impress a foodie? Elephant Corridor is your best wingman!

A casual Japanese eatery that specializes in Tonkatsu - breaded, deep-fried pork cutlets. It's the ideal spot if you're seeking a laid-back atmosphere with a touch of proper dining elegance.

Noodles have a way of bringing comfort and warmth to any table. Dive into a hearty bowl of laksa at Laksa King! It's a comforting, satisfying choice that promises delightful conversation.

If a classic, upscale date night is more your style, the Steak Ministry Bar & Grill won't disappoint. Indulge in tender steaks, exquisite sides, and an atmosphere that exudes sophistication.

End the date on a sweet note. YOMG offers a plethora of frozen treats, perfect for sharing or indulging in your own favourite flavour. It's playful, sweet, and the perfect end to a Kingsway date.

Whether it's your first date or a hundredth, this Glen Waverley gem promises moments of connection, laughter, and culinary wonder. So, skip the date-planning jitters, pick a spot, and let Kingsway work its magic.

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